Safety Certifications

Wallis Brothers Construction is committed to a safe and well-trained team. We are always seeking to have the best training available for the industry including safety, compliance, and environmental standards.

Canadian HSE Registry also known ComplyWorks

Canadian HSE Registry also known as ComplyWorks, helps with safety and environmental training programs,as well as incident reporting.

Red Cross First Aid Certification

Red Cross First Aid Certifcation

COR safety

Certificate of Recognition (COR) – Alberta Construction Safety to comply with industry standards.


ISN streamlines safety, insurance, quality, and regulatory information, saving time and improving safety standards.


Workers' compensation Coverage

whmis certification

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
TDG-WHMIS Compliance Centre training for Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Ground certifications. This applies to many industries including transportation, shipping, receiving, and oil & gas.


H2S Training educates workers on h2s gas and how to detect it.

ground disturbance

Ground Disturbance training.